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Sex and the City 2 Movie Premiere

I might have given my left arm for a seat at Radio City Music Hall in New York City this evening (ok, not really, but probably a pinky toe…seriously) to attend the Sex and the City 2 movie premiere. Have a gander at the beautiful ladies (and gentleman) on the red carpet. Sarah Jessica Parker …

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Barbie Style

If you liked the Living Like Barbie post, you’re sure to love the new Barbie Plastic Collection. This collection features some luxurious home furnishings and fashion. Never mind the hypnotizing circle in the background, what you need to zone in on is that darling chair right in the center. Suitable for lady and little girl …

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Art Couture


Eugenia Kim Hits the Bull’s-Eye

Do you know about Eugenia Kim? This is how I learned about her a few years ago. I don’t normally fancy a knit cap, however, this one is ADORABLE and I just had to find out who the designer was. After some searching online, I found out about milliner extraordinaire, Eugenia Kim. Here are some …

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Boudoir on a Bracelet

No words necessary… 2

Hollywood History: William Travilla

While the subject of the monthly Hollywood History lesson on My Little Boudoir is typically an actress, this month the lesson will be much different (but not too far away from the roots of My Little Boudoir). Meet William Travilla. He is responsible for this… Born on Catalina Island, just off the California coast, William …

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Grandma Ellen

This past Sunday marked one year from my Grandmother’s passing. So, I wanted to take a moment today to create a post in her honor. I was very close to my grandma Ellen, who I also called “Grameo” (I guess as a child I heard somebody on TV say Daddy-O and thought it would translate …

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Glamour of the Good Old Days


Best Dressed List: 82nd Academy Awards

Ok, here goes my top ten best dressed list (in order leading to my very most favorite) of the 82nd Academy Awards (the “Oscars”): 10. Anna Kendrick I love a flesh tone on a woman, provided that it doesn’t make her look washed out. Anna looks perfectly rosy in this gown, and I love the …

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World Traveler

If you’ve never heard of (or seen the work of) Bella Pilar, it’s about time you do. Her illustrations are so darling. Mostly made up of fashionable women. Note cards with her artwork can be found at Papyrus stores and her newest release this week is a must have. It’s called World Traveler. Imagine sitting …

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