Boudoir Essentials: The Powder Puff

Today marks the first post in a monthly series called, Boudoir Essentials. Inspired by yesterday’s post, I thought I would begin with The Powder Puff.

One item that must adorn any dressing table in a boudoir is a powder puff; used for dusting one’s body with luxurious scented and/or shimmery body powder.

Here are some that I fancy. Many of which are, and will be (considering that I just purchased two of these tonight), on display in my boudoir.










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  1. Bonjour Madame

    I’ve got a pink Caron puff on my vanity and the Chanel on in my linen closet in the bathroom. The Caron puff is so luxurious!

  2. Sarah

    You are so lucky to have the Caron puff. That store looks like a dream come true. Did you visit the store, or were you able to find a way to order it online? I was looking all over for a way to order it last night, but the e-shopping on their website says “coming soon”.

  3. tenbera

    “Many of which are, and will be (considering that I just purchased two of these tonight), on display in my boudoir.”
    How much is it possible?

  4. diane

    Just call the CARON Boutique at Phyto Universe 877-88-CARON and ask for Diane or email me at the company address dhaska@alesgroup.com…and I could supply you with pictures of the colors that are available

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