Chanel Trolley…the San Francisco Treat

A few nights ago, after a hard day at work, I decompressed by visiting some of my favorite blogs. Whilst doing so, I came across a post that is a goodie and must be shared.

The blog is called La Chanelphile. Yep, that’s right, the blog is about all things Chanel. If you’ve followed My Little Boudoir very long, you will know that I, too, love all things Chanel. I also have an “All Things Chanel” board on Pinterest.

Ok…ok…you get the point. So, here it is…a real San Francisco treat…a Chanel trolley, complete with tweed upholstery and a Chanel N5 exhibit.

Here is the glorious trolley. To see the rest of the photos and to hear about Gabriella’s experience, you’ll need to check out her entire post by visiting La Chanelphile.


Marilyn Monroe on Chanel N°5

Chanel recently acquired the rights to some never-before-published audio of Marilyn Monroe talking about Chanel N°5 fragrance. I’m sure all of you Marilyn fans know that Marilyn famously shared that the only thing she wears to bed is Chanel N°5.

Many of the actual publications where she professed this information, making the perfume as legendary as she, were never published.

You really MUST watch this video…


If not, here is the story told in stills from the video on 

1-4-2013 7-52-53 PM 1-4-2013 7-53-16 PM 1-4-2013 7-53-50 PM 1-4-2013 7-54-40 PM 1-4-2013 7-55-35 PM 1-4-2013 7-56-06 PM 1-4-2013 7-56-23 PM 1-4-2013 7-56-39 PM

1-4-2013 7-57-10 PM1-4-2013 8-00-01 PM

1-4-2013 8-01-20 PM1-4-2013 7-57-46 PM1-4-2013 8-02-12 PM1-4-2013 8-00-20 PM1-4-2013 7-58-04 PM 1-4-2013 7-58-15 PM 1-4-2013 7-58-34 PM 1-4-2013 8-01-57 PM 1-4-2013 8-03-15 PM 1-4-2013 8-03-55 PM 1-4-2013 8-04-15 PM 1-4-2013 8-04-49 PM 1-4-2013 8-05-21 PM 1-4-2013 8-05-38 PM 1-4-2013 8-24-35 PM 1-4-2013 8-24-55 PMI notice her voice often sounds different in audio/video of interviews as opposed to her films. I’m guessing this is because, in her films, she often portrayed the “dumb blonde” roll. She dispised the studios type-casting her into these types of roles, and despite what many thing of her, she was quite the intellect. If you’ve never had the pleasure, I highly recommend that you read “My Story”. This was Marilyn’s unfinished autobiography. You will feel as if you knew her after reading it.


To view the full video and hear her glorious voice, click play on the above video or visit this link at

Have any of you read My Story by Marilyn Monroe?

Chanel Inspired Sofa

Look what I found, ladies…a Chanel inspired sofa! Wish this was around when I did the Chanel Inspired Boudoir post (although I guess this would be more appropriate for a living room).

This beautiful sofa (reminiscent of the Chanel 2.55 handbag with quilted leather) is from The New Traditionalists.

It also comes in other colors, like blue, red and linen, but black looks most like “classic” Chanel, so it’s my favorite.

the new traditionalists

the new traditionalists

Pinterest Passion: Boudoir

You have probably noticed less posts in the last several months. This bad habit started when my passion for Pinterest began  (which was followed by a series of unfortunate events in my personal life).

I am so addicted, I can spend hours daydreaming in my boudoir on (instead of actually “doing” the creative things I see on there).

In any event, I highly recommend joining Pinterest if you haven’t already. It allows you to create virtual categorized pin-boards.

Since this is where I’ve been spending my time, I thought it was appropriate to at least share it with you. So, I will begin posting some photos from various pin boards on my Pinterest page.

Today, I will share some of the photos from my “Boudoir” pin board. If you wish to follow My Little Boudoir on Pinterest, here is the link.

2251868533170978_Buh1ck3d_c 53621051783536141_QYwLR7i5_c 133700682657038389_1dv0huMv_c 156640893258966063_1KfWYEkH_c 156640893258978324_Ui3DQjxY_c 162340761537359007_b0pWQW1Z_c 175358979210257720_WBSCrmFd_c 181340322465319852_Ts8Ue5xk_c 246220304597261050_slXGABG6_c

Oh, yes, there is more…

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Oh, yes, and there is even more, but to see the other divine photos, you’ll have to visit

Thinking Outside the Boudoir: Auntie Mame

Sorry ladies…I know it’s been a while. Between work and all the medical stuff I’ve been going through with infertility (and two unfortunate miscarriages) , it’s been a little crazy. So, as you can imagine, blogging hasn’t really been top of mind.

In any event, it’s time for a Thinking Outside the Boudoir post! The movie home we will be exploring is that of Auntie Mame.


In this movie, Rosalind Russell plays a liberal aunt (Auntie Mame) who acquired custody of her nephew (being his only living relative), when her brother (his father) passes away. It takes you through their lives together as they develop a close bond, and it focuses on the lessons to be learned along the way on how ones beliefs influence their life.

Throughout the movie Auntie Mame’s Manhattan apartment goes through several interior design transformations. This not only includes her living area with a grand stairway, but it also includes her super luxurious boudoir.

Here is a tour of some of the lovely designs.

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-5 Untitled-6 Untitled-9 Untitled-7

And if this lovely apartment wasn’t enough, she also takes a visit to a southern antebellum home.

Untitled-4 Untitled-3

The movie is so delightful and heartwarming. Not only does it follow a great storyline with a good lesson to be learned, but it is a special treat for any interior design fanatic. This movie often doesn’t get the exposure that some of the old goodies (like Breakfast at Tiffany’s) do, but it is a must see.

Harlem Toile

I found out about Harlem Toile, by designer Sheila Bridges, in a magazine recently and immediately wanted to share it with you.



Many people say that I have an old soul. I am very drawn to historic times, although all too often depictions of American History are very one-sided and leave out the important role of African American culture and accomplishments. Sheila Bridges explained on the Nate Berkus Show that she always loved toile, but never really found a  print that spoke to who she was. So, she created the Harlem Toile de Jouy. The initial appearance is very traditional 17-century French Toile, but it was designed to showcase the life and culture of Harlem (which is where she has lived since 1986). There are images of people jumping rope, dancing, playing basketball, etc.

This toile pattern can be purchased on in the form of fabric, wallpaper, dishes, etc. It comes in many different colors which vary depending on whether you’re buying wallpaper, bedding or fabric. On Sheila’s website she has some clips from when both she and Gayle King were featured on the Nate Berkus Show. They both have the yellow toile wallpaper in their kitchens, but I think it would be a lovely addition to a boudoir. I can just imagine the walls (or even one wall) covered in the wallpaper or a chair reupholstered with the fabric. It would even be darling in a little girl’s boudoir. I especially love the Pistachio, Pink and Hydrangea for the fabric and and Robin’s Egg and Dove for the wallpaper.


I just love the fact that there is now a toile available that represents a piece of African-American culture. Really, I love just about all toile, but I do believe that everyone should have an opportunity to make their home a place that reflects ones self and family.

Lingerie Luggage

On a recent trip to Miami Beach I visited the Bal Harbour Shops. It was actually the first time I had stepped foot into an Agent Provocateur. Among all of the beautiful luxurious items fit for a boudoir, I spotted these fine pieces of luggage! Aren’t they divine? Dare I say, I fancy them more than LV. Although, I would have preferred a solid or leopard print lining.






































Supermodel Sunday: Naomi Sims

The first supermodel to be featured in My Little Boudoir’s Supermodel Sunday series is none other than the beautiful Naomi Sims.

In my living room I have some vintage magazines displayed on the bottom shelf of the end table that sits next to the sofa. The one on top is the above Life magazine featuring the beautiful Naomi Sims on the cover. Displaying vintage magazines is a great decorating touch for the boudoir, too. They can be easily purchased at antique stores or flea markets, usually for a reasonable price ($5-$10 each). 

Born in 1948, a young Naomi Sims got her modeling start in the late 1960’s. When modeling agencies turned her away due to racial inequality and outright discrimination, a determined Naomi went around them and approached the photographers directly. Gosta Peterson agreed to photograph her and featured her in the fashion supplement in the New York Times (August 1967). Regardless of this breakthrough, she still had difficulties signing with an agency. Eventually, through her hard work and perseverance, she began working with an agency and started a very successful modeling career, and within a year was earning a whopping $1,000 per week. To put this into perspective, the median household income in the U.S. at that time was around $33,000, which was made up primarily from working white men. Even today, most female models make between $250 and $1,000 per hour for a runway show. This is quite different from the public opinion that people have about salaries in the modeling industry. 

Naomi’s determination for success didn’t stop there. She went on to grace the covers of many magazines like Essence and Cosmopolitan, and was the first black woman to be featured on many magazines, including Ladies Home Journal and Life. She was one of the pioneers of the Black is Beautiful movement. When she retired from modeling in 1973, she started her own company — a collection of wigs resembling straightened textured hair. She was also a published author of several books on health and beauty.

Sadly, Naomi lost her battle with breast cancer in 2009.

Please enjoy these lovely photos of the great Naomi Sims, an icon in American history that often does not get the recognition she deserves.









































 Text references:, and





Madonna is Back!

Over the past few years, I’ve felt shame for not really loving Madonna like I used to. I just felt like she was straying from the Madonna that I love. Well ladies, she’s back!

Madonna’s performance at today’s Super Bowl half time show was outstanding. It gave me chills! The addition of Cee-Lo and Nicki Minaj was nice too.


Supermodel Sundays

For 2012, I am introducing a new series of posts…Supermodel Sundays. No, I didn’t mean Superbowl Sunday (no football is allowed in my little boudoir). It will be kind of like Mademoiselle Monday, except instead of focusing on actresses and singers, it will focus on supermodels.

I went through my high school years in the early 1990’s when supermodel stardom was at its height. The walls of my boudoir were plastered of images ripped from Vogue magazine, often featuring Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, etc. It was in the pages of Vogue, viewing these very supermodels, that I developed my love for beauty products and fashion.

Stay tuned….