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St. Vincent de Boudoir

Ok, I’ll admit, as much as I love a garage sale, thrift shops creep me out a little bit. Not today though! This morning I decided to go to the local St. Vincent de Paul to look for some vases or figurines that I could spray paint and upcycle into cute centerpieces for my cousins …

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Floating Boudoir

Look at these amazing boudoir photos…                                         Well, believe it or not, these are actually staterooms on a cruise. Yes, that’s right, no tacky carpet resembling a casino floor or geometric printed bedding (my stereotype of …

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Pinterest Addiction

I once felt cross with my second grade teacher for telling my mother during a parent/teacher conference that I was a “daydreamer”. I didn’t care too much for her after her unsuccessful attempt in turning my “daydreaming” into a negative thing. Personally, I found daydreaming a delight. I could not understand the concept of not …

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Marilyn Glamour (part deux)


Ralph Lauren Boudoir

I thought you might enjoy these lovely boudoir photos from Ralph Lauren. Unfortunately I waited a little too long to share them wiht you and I no longer see the collection on the RL website. I’m sure you’ll delight in the inspiration nonetheless… 1

Boudoir on a Budget: Seating

Yes, it is easy to dream about what your boudoir would look like if you could furnish it with the most luxurious of goods. That is, if price weren’t an object, which for the majority (including myself) is a dream in itself. But what about when money is a factor and you are on a …

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Box of Guerlain Fragrance for the Boudoir

While searching BergdorfGoodman.com tonight, looking for this (which we’ll talk about on another occasion): I came across this: This beauty is called The 180 year Collectors Case, by Guerlain. This ultra deluxe black leather box with a gold lock and key is filled with 180 years of Guerlain fragrance, from Eau de Cologne Imperiale (created …

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It’s Not Fair…

Me: “That’s not fair!” Mom: “Well, life isn’t fair!” Me: “Well, it should be and it is supposed to be!” This is how it went when I was a child and didn’t get my way. And, this is how I feel about something I found out about today. H&M has a “home” section, but the …

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Celebrity Boudoir: Miley Cyrus

Please let me preface this post by saying that I am not a big fan of Miley, nor do I agree with many of her stunts over the past year or two. Yes, I get that a girl has go to grow up and do things that little girls don’t, but when episodes of your …

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Flowerbomb Ballet

Isn’t this limited-edition bottle of Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor & Rolf simply darling? I love anything with tulle. This bottle of perfume adorned with a delightful pink tutu is perfect to display in your boudoir! 0