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Chic Boudoir

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Upcycling: Granny Gold to Girly Glamour

I love it when I find a garage sale where you truly feel like you’re stepping back in time (as long as it’s from a fabulous era). I stopped at a garage sale this past fall, and it was clear that everything belonged to an elderly woman who had held onto her precious items her …

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Sir Cecil

If you’re like me, you probably know Sir Cecil Beaton best for his photography… However, he was also known and very well respected for his work as a costume designer, artist, set designer and published diarist. He designed costumes for many hit movies, such as: Gigi (1958), Anna Karenina (1948) and My Fair Lady (1964) …

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Summer at Tiffany…the book

One thing I love to do when I have time alone is curl up and read a good book. Since, today, my bedroom serves as my “boudoir”, I usually lie in my bed to read. In my dream (and hopefully near future) boudoir (of my very own), I would lie upon something like one of …

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No matter the country in which you reside, a fabulous chair is a fabulous chair and, oh, I do love what I am about to share. A creation of two things I adore…a chiavari chair and lucite/acrylic furniture. Chiavari Chair + Lucite/Acrylic = LUCITE CHIAVARI CHAIR!!! I first found this lucite chiavari chair on, …

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

On a recent emergency trip to my local Costco for bacon (yes…I said, “emergency trip for bacon”…to my husband, if you’re out of bacon it’s an emergency), I came across one of those fabulous “treasure hunt” finds that Costco is famous for. In the center of the warehouse was a road show with mostly art, …

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La Vie en Rose

Call it what you want…snow globe, music box, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is fabulous and I love it. This was a gift from my best friend (since the fourth grade) so it is very special, and it compliments my boudoir perfectly. She purchased it a few years back at (you probably …

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2010…Year of the Barbie

As a girl, my absolute favorite thing to do was play with Barbie dolls. I would spend hours in my bedroom playing. As an adult, I don’t love Barbie any less, our relationship has just evolved. Each year it is important to me to find the right calendar. I almost always select one of black …

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Upcycling: Chanel Perfume Bottle to Oil Candle

  This is a do-it-yourself (diy) project that I thought of a few years back. I had some empty Chanel perfume bottles that I could not bear to throw away (or recycle), so I decided to upcycle them instead and display them in my boudoir. While I would find it perfectly suitable to simply display …

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Boudoir [boo-dwahr]

I find the name My Little Boudoir perfectly suitable for this blog, which I hope you will adore as I do. You see, all of my life my bedroom has been a very sacred place for me. As a child, I would stay in my lovely pink floral room for hours (by choice) playing Barbie …

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